Offshore Wind Farm ´He Dreiht´ approved by BSH authorities

On Thursday 20.12.2007 the building permit for the offshore wind farm ´He dreiht´ was handed-out by the Federal Administration for Maritime Navigation (BSH) to Mark Schneider. Mark is Project Manager of the Eos Offshore AG, a company of innoVent (Varel) und wpd (Bremen).

120 km away from Lower Saxony's Coastline Eos Offshore AG plans to build 80 wind turbines with a rated power of 400 MW. The founations will stand in 40 m depth on the sea ground. Detailed expertises on the impact of the wind farm to shipping an nature were necessary. No less than 42 different Administration took part in the procedure. ´For that reason the approval process took five long years´ says Mark Schneider. Finally the BSH attested no dangerous impact to nature or shipping and issued a licence. Die wind farm will be raised in 2010. It will be an investment of approximately 750 Mio. EUR.